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Open Text Connectivity

Went live with the new website for Open Text’s Connectivity brand (formerly Hummingbird) a couple of days ago – really nice to see this one go live finally as it had been a very lengthy project with a lot of technical hurdles attached to it.

Lots of extension of RedDot functionality though so there is likely a fair bit of knowledge and value that we’ll get out of this one (plus it is a great looking website too!

ACMI site refresh is live!

Since 2001, Areeba have partnered with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The 2009 refresh that we have completed was delivered on the Open Text WSS (RedDot) CMS Platform and is Phase 2 of a rejuvenation project which has seen production workflow improved, the content management system has become the major hub of all the organisation’s published content and the homepage and internal pages have been creatively redesigned.

Managed this one through from start to finish and I think we came up with a really nice result overall

Open Text Conversations

Areeba put together an Aggregated blog for Open Text a few weeks ago that is now up and live, really worth a look as if you are interested in what is going on in the Enterprise 2.0 space there is some great thinking going on here.

And it is a pretty awesome site too, if I don’t say so myself!

Yes, I am proud of it too :)

The Open Text Conversations aggregated blog

The Content Architect

Have been doing some more reading and thinking about the content architecture role tonight as I sit here and read discussions around ECM and some of the commentary on Bloom and social marketplaces.

I really like the idea of the Content Architect, it makes sense and it is a concept that I can easily understand. Kyle McNabb’s post from Feb this year “The Emerging Content Architect role” is a good read on the topic. But I have an issue on this that I need to get past, and that is the firm view that the idea of a Content Architect (and the Content Resource department, which is another concommittant concept) are great from a theoretical perspective (and an aspirational one!) but maybe not so good from an implementation perspective.

Some similar themes in this one as well that are worth a read.

Let me explain through background…

Many years ago there was the webmaster. Invaariably noone knew where to put this strange individual who knew many interesting things about websites (Marketing, IT, the car park, who knew?). But they knew they needed one. Now there is the content architect, and as with many a wonderful corporate website the CA will be shuttled back and forth between Marketing, Corporate, IT etc (maybe even the car park) without anyone really knowing where they should sit.

And that is why Organisational strategy is important. Unless you can actually look at real change in the organisation and restructure around the organisation’s core knowledge (read content), the Content Architect (and the Content Resource department) will live out on the edges like the webmaster did, without the proper ability or authority to effect change and without the corporate mandate.

Selling the value proposition is always going to be the most difficult thing here, and without all levels of the organisation seeing the value for themselves in this role and in the effective centralised/distributed management of organisational knowledge it is very hard to accept that this type of role will be quick in coming…

Success in Failure Episode 1

Reading this:

Success In Failure – Episode 1: 7 Lessons Learnt From Letting Expire

Very well worth the read and I wanted to point it out as there is a lot of good that many clients can get from the 7 lessons that Scott Middleton has put together here. In a lot of ways the first one I think is incredibly pertinent as far as the way that many businesses go at digital and their online presence – Scott is talking particularly start-up but I’m going to take the premise and apply to everyone – if you are not able to be 2010% passionate about your online business then it pays well not to get into the space!

Chris Lester, (MD at Areeba) and I were talking about this tonight and agreeing that many online versions of offline businesses that we see are lacking in passion and don’t inspire or add value – it seems in many cases that where an offline business has gone into the digital space with the wrong view of why they are there or a lack of vision for the space they get it wrong and end up showing a real lack of passion and value.

MSAC Institute website

Areeba has been working heavily with the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre’s Institute of Training over the past six weeks or so and we’ve created a new Brand for the Institute as well as a new website. The website is now live and we’re getting some really good response to both the new Brand and the new design.

Love it (I’m allowed to say that!)!

Storm Sunskool

Areeba has an excellent relationship with Storm Sustainability and we’ve just completed another upgrade for the SunSkool website, which is focussed around the National Solar in Schools program.

Twitter Professors

Lon S. Cohen’s ‘Twitter Professors’ article – well worth a read


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