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Future iPods

Kinda liked the idea of an iPod ring, maybe just because I don’t wear them…


So Maxim Magazine is now following me on Twitter…hmm

Fresh From Twitter

Nighty night Twitterverse, other ticky things to tick off before bed! Enjoy!

RT@sinotechianReading: “China demolishes ‘Love Land’ sex park –” ( )

RT@GemmaWentBrand language expert calls for post-recessionary words … Id start with a bit of honesty and transparency

Storm Sunskool

Areeba has an excellent relationship with Storm Sustainability and we’ve just completed another upgrade for the SunSkool website, which is focussed around the National Solar in Schools program.

Twitter is like crack (apparently)

Reading this article “How is Twitter like Crack” – I can only agree with all of this, absolutely a good take on the addictive nature of Twitter! Although I’ve managed not to fall into any of these traps (as yet anyway!)

6 things that could ruin Twitter (including me)

So I read this one yoday – worth having a look at and of course I got to this via someone posting it on Twitter – how ironic! This is off the back of one of the Project Managers at work removing Col and I because we both Tweet too much and we both have Twitter and Facebook hooked up!

Perhaps I digress…

The ‘Buying Friends’ piece of this really got me – suddenly ideas of going out and cybersquatting on all the permutations of Nike, Adidas and General Motors (well, maybe not GM, they’re only one step above AIG at the moment and we al know they’re stinky, so not worth much on the cybersquatting scale.

I remember a few years ago (picture me sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, add the shotgun if you like) when cybersquatting was all in vogue – I bloody missed out then because of ethics and morals. This time I’m ready, Twitter, here I come – I’ve got this year’s Brand survey and I plan on using it!


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