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Executive Presence blog

Have been reading a bit from Harrison Monarth’s ‘Executive Presence’ blog recently and have just bought the book – a very good read I thought and I like a lot of the ideas and strategies put forward in his writings.

I’d recommend the blog, extremely good read.

Open Text Conversations

Areeba put together an Aggregated blog for Open Text a few weeks ago that is now up and live, really worth a look as if you are interested in what is going on in the Enterprise 2.0 space there is some great thinking going on here.

And it is a pretty awesome site too, if I don’t say so myself!

Yes, I am proud of it too :)

The Open Text Conversations aggregated blog

Open Text Thought Leadership Blog

We do a lot of work for Open Text (and for RedDot, Artesia and some of the other Open Text companies).

We’ve been working with them for probably about two years now and have taken on a lot of their Strategy work and the higher level thinking on what they are doing and their overall strategic framework.

Latest on the list for us is the Thought Leadership Aggregated Blog, which we are very proud of. This site is aggregating blogs from a whole selection of Open Text staff and leaders in particular areas plus providing a set of other features around the blog itself.

This is the first step in a larger program of work that we’re in the midst of now, looking forward to the next bits of this over the next month or so.


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