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Catching up – Metro Trains website

Having moved across to Reactive a few weeks ago (might have spoken about that, think I did), I want to start to point to some of the excellent work that is being done by the team.

First of the bat is the Metro trains website, which went live a couple of weeks ago now.

Metro are the new metropolitan rail service for Melbourne, having inherited the network from Connex.

Executive Presence blog

Have been reading a bit from Harrison Monarth’s ‘Executive Presence’ blog recently and have just bought the book – a very good read I thought and I like a lot of the ideas and strategies put forward in his writings.

I’d recommend the blog, extremely good read.

TVTrigger Is Like iTunes for TV Torrenting

Found this yesterday…

From an article on by Janko Roettgers:

“Remember how iTunes popularized podcasts? The same could soon happen to TV torrenting, thanks to a new BitTorrent application called TVTrigger. Windows-only TVTrigger is like an iTunes for your torrent downloads. It sits on your desktop, giving you access to a programming guide with a few thousand TV shows, complete with torrent links to download each one of them.”

Full text of article here:

Looks interesting so far, seems like it does what it says it does!

Georgie Carpenter

Had a beer this afternoon with the wonderful Georgie Carpenter, who has worked with Areeba on recruitment for a while now and who is a pretty dab hand at such things, not that I know what a ‘dab hand’ is but it sounds like the thing to say…

Met up at Hell’s Kitchen, which is in Center Place – if you ever end up there go upstairs, good bar and you can sit above the laneway and watch many pretty (and not so pretty) young things wander past

Hell’s Kitchen
20 Centre Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03) 9654 5755

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Open Text Connectivity

Went live with the new website for Open Text’s Connectivity brand (formerly Hummingbird) a couple of days ago – really nice to see this one go live finally as it had been a very lengthy project with a lot of technical hurdles attached to it.

Lots of extension of RedDot functionality though so there is likely a fair bit of knowledge and value that we’ll get out of this one (plus it is a great looking website too!

ACMI site refresh is live!

Since 2001, Areeba have partnered with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The 2009 refresh that we have completed was delivered on the Open Text WSS (RedDot) CMS Platform and is Phase 2 of a rejuvenation project which has seen production workflow improved, the content management system has become the major hub of all the organisation’s published content and the homepage and internal pages have been creatively redesigned.

Managed this one through from start to finish and I think we came up with a really nice result overall

Radiohead Blazes a Marketing Trail – good read I thought

Really liked this one, good article…

PARIS — Epochal pronouncements from rock stars should sometimes be taken with a dose of skepticism. In 1966, John Lennon declared that the Beatles were more popular than Jesus. Since the 1960s, Jesus has enjoyed a bit of a comeback, while the Beatles’ music is still unavailable from legitimate digital music services

But people in the music industry tend to listen to Thom Yorke, lead singer in the British alternative rock group Radiohead, for Radiohead has cultivated a reputation as one of the most future-proof bands around.

Read it here…

Open Text Conversations

Areeba put together an Aggregated blog for Open Text a few weeks ago that is now up and live, really worth a look as if you are interested in what is going on in the Enterprise 2.0 space there is some great thinking going on here.

And it is a pretty awesome site too, if I don’t say so myself!

Yes, I am proud of it too :)

The Open Text Conversations aggregated blog

What is a Browser?

I thought that I’d post a link to this – What is a browser? was the question that Google asked over 50 people of different ages and backgrounds in Times Square.

The responses on this were really interesting from my perspective – gives you a real view into the actual understanding that people have of the fundamental infrastructure that they use to view and utilise the internet on a daily basis (not much apparently!).


My Property Partner media

One of our latest releases has been getting some nice press recently, thought that I would share…
The site as a social network will be a nice targetted ‘niche’ network in that the people who join are likely to be qualified as far as their desire to engage in co-ownership/investment in property and we can see a lot of good opportunities for extension on the site and its functionality and Brand.
Site is currently in Beta, we’ll see how it goes.


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