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What is a Browser?

I thought that I’d post a link to this – What is a browser? was the question that Google asked over 50 people of different ages and backgrounds in Times Square.

The responses on this were really interesting from my perspective – gives you a real view into the actual understanding that people have of the fundamental infrastructure that they use to view and utilise the internet on a daily basis (not much apparently!).


One number for life (which we now own by the way!)

Okay so the launch in what is now a very short time of the new  Google Voice service just another step in Google becoming the centre of your communications universe. The service allows users to keep a single number forevermore and maintain that number, diverting it to any other number that you may currently have, be that your mobile, work numbers, home phone, temporary numbers such as hotel phones and pretty much anything else you might think of.

Some of the features that have been touted here include:

  • Storing and recalling messages
  • Convert your messages to text
  • Make phone calls, conference calls etc
  • Different greetings for different address book contacts
  • Centralisation of all your contacts
  • Integrating web and phone

Which I’m sure you will agree is all pretty awesome.

That said, why do Google want to offer this type of service and what are they going to get out of it? Glad you asked. Data my friends, lots and lots of data on who you talk to, for how long, how your communications interrelate etc. For a business whose main focus is still ad revenues this all just helps to build a wonderfully detailed profile on you and allows Google to market to you that much more effectively.

None of that action for us in Australia as yet but I’m sure that it won’t be long!

If you want a bit more about it there’s an article by TechCrunch.


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