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Content is no longer a competitive advantage…er?

Okay so I was happily doing a bit of reading this evening (as is my wont and the fact that I am trying notto spend another marathon 5 hours playing FarCry 2 may have something to do with it). Or not. Anyway, reading – and I was reading this article on Digital Ministry.

Side note on this, while the article is interesting and Stephen Byrne is definitely a smart guy, that wasn’t what I thought was interesting here or why I’m writing this post (Surprise!). Why I am writing this is the somewhat throwaway line in the article “(everyone accepts that content is no longer a competitive advantage)…”

Okay, so I disagree.

This has come up in other discussions that I have been involved in on LinkedIn and other sites in regard to content and especially newspaper and magazine content where there are multiple sources and multiple ways of accessing the news (or whatever it is).

My point has always been that what becomes important (and of value) in this case is not the content itself, but the opinion, the ability to dissect the content, the meta information and other additional value that can be moulded around the content – I’m getting a little tired of people making bold statements like the one above as it misses the point as far as the opportunities presented by far better and more targetted search and better and more nuanced meta information.

Content can well still be a competitive advantage if it is of value and sits within in a cloud of smart meta information that helps the user to find/understand/learn/answer.

Clive Video

Okay Digital Ministry, I love you but please please please get rid of the Clive Video piece on the home page, video overlays are a major irritation and I really hate having to see the bloody thing every time I come back (which is relatively often!).


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