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Introducing Finn Oliver Julian

Well, so it has been a pretty big couple of weeks, necessitating me committing the cardinal sin and backdating some blog posts to when they should have actually happened (hey, I had a few other things that I was doing at that point!).

FinnĀ  Oliver Julian was born on the 1st of November 2009 at 8.12pm, after a very quick (one and a half hours) labour – I think I was lucky to make it at all, if it hadn’t been for the handy ‘lightspeed’ feature on the Golf I might not have. Disclaimer for Victoria Police: I never speed, ever, even when attending my son’s birth. Well, maybe then…

Finn was very early (31 weeks), so he got the full Platinum class treatment and went straight to the ICU. All as well as it could be at that point – he was hooked up to a host of machines and given an IV, also put onto the CPAP, which helps to keep the baby’s lungs inflated so that they get some help in breathing. The staff at the Royal Women’s are incredibly competent and we really got the feeling that they knew what they were doing – plus they were very warm as well, which you need at a time like this.

Trace came to see him after an hour and a half or so of getting over the birth and having a shower etc, we both sat with him for a fair while as they checked him and looked after him – again it was really good and he was doing very well, which was great. Trace stayed at the hospital and I went home for some well-earned sleep after all the excitement…big day!

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