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Catching up – Metro Trains website

Having moved across to Reactive a few weeks ago (might have spoken about that, think I did), I want to start to point to some of the excellent work that is being done by the team.

First of the bat is the Metro trains website, which went live a couple of weeks ago now.

Metro are the new metropolitan rail service for Melbourne, having inherited the network from Connex.

Open Text Fax Solutions

Another Open Text site that we launched over the past few days is the Fax Solutions website (the new brand for Captaris).

Relatively short turn-around when compared to the Connectivity site – this one was done in around 2 months and was the result of the trip that Ayesha and I took to Seattle to meet with the Captaris team and Paul Stables, who is Open Text’s Head of Digital.

Very good trip in the end and the site has hit all of the goals that were set for it so far, which is great to see (launched on time too!).

Open Text Connectivity

Went live with the new website for Open Text’s Connectivity brand (formerly Hummingbird) a couple of days ago – really nice to see this one go live finally as it had been a very lengthy project with a lot of technical hurdles attached to it.

Lots of extension of RedDot functionality though so there is likely a fair bit of knowledge and value that we’ll get out of this one (plus it is a great looking website too!

ACMI site refresh is live!

Since 2001, Areeba have partnered with the Australian Centre for the Moving Image. The 2009 refresh that we have completed was delivered on the Open Text WSS (RedDot) CMS Platform and is Phase 2 of a rejuvenation project which has seen production workflow improved, the content management system has become the major hub of all the organisation’s published content and the homepage and internal pages have been creatively redesigned.

Managed this one through from start to finish and I think we came up with a really nice result overall

Open Text Conversations

Areeba put together an Aggregated blog for Open Text a few weeks ago that is now up and live, really worth a look as if you are interested in what is going on in the Enterprise 2.0 space there is some great thinking going on here.

And it is a pretty awesome site too, if I don’t say so myself!

Yes, I am proud of it too :)

The Open Text Conversations aggregated blog

My Property Partner media

One of our latest releases has been getting some nice press recently, thought that I would share…
The site as a social network will be a nice targetted ‘niche’ network in that the people who join are likely to be qualified as far as their desire to engage in co-ownership/investment in property and we can see a lot of good opportunities for extension on the site and its functionality and Brand.
Site is currently in Beta, we’ll see how it goes.

Open Text Thought Leadership Blog

We do a lot of work for Open Text (and for RedDot, Artesia and some of the other Open Text companies).

We’ve been working with them for probably about two years now and have taken on a lot of their Strategy work and the higher level thinking on what they are doing and their overall strategic framework.

Latest on the list for us is the Thought Leadership Aggregated Blog, which we are very proud of. This site is aggregating blogs from a whole selection of Open Text staff and leaders in particular areas plus providing a set of other features around the blog itself.

This is the first step in a larger program of work that we’re in the midst of now, looking forward to the next bits of this over the next month or so.

My Property Partner

Another site launched today – My Property Partner



Want to beat the housing affordability crisis but can’t afford to get into the real estate market to buy a property alone? Like the idea of splitting the costs of ownership but don’t have a partner, friend or family member to do it with? Enter My Property Partner, an exciting new social networking community designed to help you beat the housing affordablity crisis and cut the costs and risks of buying property! Property ownership made easy, affordable and secure.

We’ve been working on this one for a few months now and we are very excited to see it go live finally – really nice idea and Lynton, who is the MD of the business, has a really good chance of success with this one.

MSAC Institute website

Areeba has been working heavily with the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre’s Institute of Training over the past six weeks or so and we’ve created a new Brand for the Institute as well as a new website. The website is now live and we’re getting some really good response to both the new Brand and the new design.

Love it (I’m allowed to say that!)!

Storm Sunskool

Areeba has an excellent relationship with Storm Sustainability and we’ve just completed another upgrade for the SunSkool website, which is focussed around the National Solar in Schools program.


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