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TVTrigger Is Like iTunes for TV Torrenting

Found this yesterday…

From an article on by Janko Roettgers:

“Remember how iTunes popularized podcasts? The same could soon happen to TV torrenting, thanks to a new BitTorrent application called TVTrigger. Windows-only TVTrigger is like an iTunes for your torrent downloads. It sits on your desktop, giving you access to a programming guide with a few thousand TV shows, complete with torrent links to download each one of them.”

Full text of article here:

Looks interesting so far, seems like it does what it says it does!

Advisor: My husband has a virtual girlfriend

Okay so I started reading this because I loved the slightly creepy flavor that it left in my mouth…people tend to do some weird shit when confronted with things like dating sims and this was an interesting look into that world.

Plus I always did like Boing Boing. But I digress.

The thing that really got me thinking was one of the comments at the end of the story;

“I have a box of dead Tamagochi from my kids I feel weird throwing them away the kids loved them so much but being kids moved on to other things and you you can bring them back to life I guess but its weird”

I loved the whole feeling of this post – in the end the kids went beyond the bounds of the virtual, got bored and moved on to something else – and yet the slightly weird feeling of harbouring the dead remains (even if you CAN bring them back to life!).

Virtualisation of both pets and relationships doesn’t change our basic frameworks for dealing with existence, and as such we still place the same mores and values around the virtual relationships (and lives) as we do around the ‘real’. So we can end up in some very strange situations (but the Tamagotchi is DEAD daddy!).

I wonder at how this is going to affect us as virtualisation becomes more entrenched in many aspects of society and we get more ‘virtual’ relationships…

Future iPods

Kinda liked the idea of an iPod ring, maybe just because I don’t wear them…

Georgie Carpenter

Had a beer this afternoon with the wonderful Georgie Carpenter, who has worked with Areeba on recruitment for a while now and who is a pretty dab hand at such things, not that I know what a ‘dab hand’ is but it sounds like the thing to say…

Met up at Hell’s Kitchen, which is in Center Place – if you ever end up there go upstairs, good bar and you can sit above the laneway and watch many pretty (and not so pretty) young things wander past

Hell’s Kitchen
20 Centre Pl
Melbourne VIC 3000, Australia
(03) 9654 5755

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Eleanor Roosevelt

“We do not have to become heroes overnight. Just a step at a time, meeting each thing that comes up, seeing it is not as dreadful as it appeared, discovering we have the strength to stare it down.”

Amen to that

6 Music services that might unseat iTunes

Given how much iTunes is shitting me at the moment this is worth reading!

6 things that could ruin Twitter (including me)

So I read this one yoday – worth having a look at and of course I got to this via someone posting it on Twitter – how ironic! This is off the back of one of the Project Managers at work removing Col and I because we both Tweet too much and we both have Twitter and Facebook hooked up!

Perhaps I digress…

The ‘Buying Friends’ piece of this really got me – suddenly ideas of going out and cybersquatting on all the permutations of Nike, Adidas and General Motors (well, maybe not GM, they’re only one step above AIG at the moment and we al know they’re stinky, so not worth much on the cybersquatting scale.

I remember a few years ago (picture me sitting on a porch in a rocking chair, add the shotgun if you like) when cybersquatting was all in vogue – I bloody missed out then because of ethics and morals. This time I’m ready, Twitter, here I come – I’ve got this year’s Brand survey and I plan on using it!


Really liked some of these

One Trillion Dollars will not fit in your back yard

Was talking to Colin on Friday about the financial crisis and he pointed me to this on PageTutor.

Impressive as it might be to get an idea of the true scale of the bailout, I find this a little worrying – getting a physical sense of how much money we are talking about here makes it all that much more real as far as the true amount being spent.

I’m particularly impressed with the final image, which is the scale of one Trillion dollars (on pallets).

Yes, this is a trillion dollars

Yes, this is a trillion dollars

See that little tiny guy on the bottom left of the stacks of cash (he’s to scale). Note that he is not to scale of the tiny fairy people that my daughter likes watching on DVD.

The important thing to take out of all of this is that it takes a lot of money to even think of trying to bail out all of the toxic debt that has been created in the lead-up to the current crisis. No guarantees of course…

As a useful way of trying to assist in describing this, Kirk’s Market thoughts puts it in drinking terms, a useful analogy for most of us (well, me anyway!). Quick last one here obviously involves the financial doyen of our age, George W Bush and his sidekick Dick Cheney, who apparently had nothing to do with the crisis and couldn’t have done anything about it if they saw it coming thanks very much…

The one thing to note on all of this is that even though I’ve titled this ‘One Trillion Dollars will not fit in your back yard’, I’m willing to try if someone out there still actually has one Trillion dollars to provide for the experiment (and wouldn’t mind me keeping it afterwards).

Contact me here if you’re interested…

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REALLY needs some work…don’t know when that will be!

Oh well…


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