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Haiku #14

Morning light reflecting
from sunglasses – I try
to catch her eye.

Haiku #13

Quiet ocean
waves and gull wings
open when you call

Haiku #12

Rainy tearing skies
tears falling windblown sideways
possum gloves warming

Haiku #11

Soon there will be rain,
its smell permeates the air -
I breathe more deeply

Haiku #10

Steaming, smoky grey
skeletal cranes piercing the sky -
the docks pulse with life.

Haiku #9

Summer balcony
autumn clouds rolling over
soon night is falling.

Haiku #8

The ‘Wild Ways’ of Ikkyu
weighing down my back pocket -
never a monk, me.

Haiku #7

Through a stitch
in cloud -

    blue sky

Haiku #6

Touches of morning
you felt like the warmth in dreams
your scent on my skin

Haiku #5

Train song overhead -
like thunder
for a moment


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